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About Zimm-O-Matic

Zimm-O-Matic Manufacturing Company was established in the early 1970’s by the Zimmerman family. In the beginning, we were primarily involved in the manufacture of automatic barn equipment and feeding units. Several years later we became involved in the truck and trailer industry, and in 2004 we formed a Limited Liability Company becoming Zimm-O-Matic LLC.

Truck and Trailer Parts and Repair

Today we offer wheel base modifications, frame repairs, body installations, lift axles, tarp systems and trailer repairs.  We also offer fabrication of under body boxes, deck plates, light bars and related items. We continue to be a retailer and wholesaler of steel, aluminum and stainless.

Zimm-O-Matic offers retail parts related to the trucking industry. Our goal is to provide the quality service and affordability expected from a family owned business!

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