Ratchet Strap, 2in x 27ft with wire hook, 3333lbs WLL


This 2 inch x 27 foot  strap and ratchet set with wire hooks is the perfect homeowner’s choice. Rated at a total of 3333lbs Working Load Limit, you will rarely find a job around home that your strap cannot handle. Note the unique wire hooks sewn into this strap and ratchet. Zimm-o-matic offers a 10% discount on any quantity of ten of the straps with wire hooks.

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ratchet strap, 2 inch x 27 foot, wire hook

This ratchet strap, 2 inch x 27 foot, wire hook and ratchet set sell as a set. The Working Load Limit for the strap is set at 3333lbs. Instead of the standard flat hook which you will find on most straps, this set is equipped with wire hooks. This allows you to get your strap anchored on a smaller area than does a strap with a flat hook. We also stock a 2″ x 27′ strap identical to this but with a flat hook. For more information on this strap, or to purchase, click the following link, TSRS227LWFH. These straps are woven from heavy-duty, durable material and will last indefinitely. Feel secure as you transport your load, knowing that it will not be going anywhere under any circumstances. Trust a real strap.

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