45 ton air compensated pintle hook


This 6-bolt air compensated 45 ton pintle hook is the perfect option to add to your truck for hauling a tag-along trailer. With an MGTW of 90,000lbs and an MVL of 18,000lbs, this pintle can easily handle your day-to-day workload. Check out our 50 ton air compensated pintles if you need a heavier weight rating. Trust your trailer to a capable hitch!

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45 ton air compensated pintle hook

The 45 ton air compensated pintle hook solves the problem of a bouncing trailer  hammering your truck while braking or taking off. This hitch integrates the standard pintle with an airlock technology. A plunger in the hook pushes out against the ring of the trailer when the truck and trailer brakes are released. This pressure causes the trailer to slow with the truck rather than bouncing loosely on the hook and causing extra wear or loss of control. You can also view our other selections of pintle hitches and mounts, pintle hooks and pintle hook mounts.

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