binder chain, 5/16″ x 16ft


Our 5/16″ x 16ft load binder chain is grader 70 steel. The chain comes with two clevis chain grab hooks which are also forged from grade 70 material. Test our 5/16″ x 16ft against your toughest load.

***Grade 70 chains are NOT rated for overhead lifting.***

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binder chain, 5/16 inch x 16 feet

The binder chain, 5/16 inch x 16 feet we stock are premium grade 70 steel. They are officially rated for load chains. You can run with the big dogs when you use a Zimm-o-matic load binder chain like this one to secure your load. Count on us to give you the best quality and the best price of any binder chain.

We stock 3/8″ load binder chain as well. The three standard sizes we stock in both 5/16″ and  3/8″ are 16ft, 20ft, and 25ft. You can purchase these lengths in both 5/16″  and 3/8″ on our website: 5/16″ x 20ft, TSBC516X20, and x 25ft, TSBC516X25, 3/8″ x 16ft, TSBC38X16, x 20ft, TSBC38X20, and x 25ft, TSBC38X25.

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