C-clamp visegrip, package of 5


The locking C-clamp produced by Irwin is the original vise-grip and features a strength that no other imitation can offer. An extra-deep reach and heavy jaws add to the value of this age-old tool. The vise-grip has been reinvented with even more features than before. These visegrips are sold in 5-packs to allow better shipping charges. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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C-clamp visegrip

This heavy-duty locking C-clamp visegrip is a necessity for every shop. Whether you are a pipeline welder, a shop mechanic, or a farmer, the original Irwin vise-grip is the tool to have. Strong jaws with heavy ends allow an excellent grip on any surface. A smoothly rounded handle goes easy on your hands. The hinge points are super heavy-duty, strong pins for the hinging and thick steel structure on the handle. The C-clamp has a wide mouth allowing you to pinch on many objects and its extra-deep throat gives you a deep reach. Use quality, use Irwin original.


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