d-ring, 5/8 inch diameter


This d-ring set, including a d-ring and the weld-on collar to attach to a pintle hitch plate or some other steel structure, is forged steel and measures 5/8 inch in diameter. The 5/8 diameter d-ring set is rated for 6,130lbs of Working Load Limit.

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d-ring, 5/8 inch diameter

This forged steel d-ring, 5/8 inch diameter, comes with one weld-on collar and one d-ring. You will normally need 2 of them because they are used on pintle hitch plates for trailer chain hooks. The weld-collar, when placed against the hitch plate provides an angled edge to fill with weld, assuring a good hold to the pintle hitch. We carry a heavier d-ring set too, measuring a diameter of 1 inch rather than 5/8. If you plan to mount them on a tri-axle pintle hitch, we certainly recommend the heavier set, BPB50. This is the type we use when mounting a hitch plate.

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