decorative polished step tread pair


Keep your truck in the cool class with this working, show-worthy step tread pair. This new product will not only protect your stainless steel or painted box covers during the work week, but will also add a touch of shine at weekend shows. Ribbed rubber strips give your boots grip in inclement environments and keep mud away from your box covers. It is time to get rid of those milled billet aluminum treads taped to your boxes. Buy a pair of these treads and be the first to understand the real meaning of quality! (A pair comes with 2 treads and the necessary mounting hardware. This will cover one battery box.)

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decorative polished step tread pair

The latest innovation has made it onto our shelves. It is our decorative polished step tread pair. Our polished step with a rubber grip has hit the market, and truckers everywhere are realizing how wonderful it is. Day in and day out, we guarantee that these step treads will endure your weight, no matter how many times a day you stand on them. A replaceable rubber mat and hidden fasteners, make these treads both rugged and refined. Tapered edges fall away to mere lines, furnishing a smooth look on any surface. The durable rubber mat resists up to -50° F and gives a firm grip even in rain or ice. A rubber O-ring around the bottom of the aluminum base keeps dirt and water from seeping in and watermarking the face of your box.

Overall size is 14.5″ long x 5.5″ wide x .625″ thick. The rubber step on area measures 10″ long x 4.5″ wide.

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  • Rubber may be slippery when wet.
  • Observe 3-point method when entering and exiting truck, keep both hands an one foot firmly grounded.
  • in icy weather, rubber treads may ice up and become slippery.
  • always make sure boot is on rubber surface before entering or exiting the truck.
  • make sure steps are tightly secured on any surface before use.



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