folding step, zinc-coated finish


Our zinc-coated folding step is perfect for your farm truck or other equipment subject to everyday wear and tear. Although we stock the polished stainless steel version, this step’s price is much lower and works well in applications where looks is not the most important factor. It folds slimly against the body of your truck or the rear bumper of your step deck to allow you easy access wherever you need to go but also saving space and giving a smooth clean look without bulky steps permanently affixed, especially when not in use. A strong spring keeps the step held firmly in place to secure your foothold while climbing on and off the step.

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This folding step, zinc-coated finish is a great way to safely enter and exit your truck box or climb onto your trailer. A zinc coating protects it from rust and corrosion. The folding action of this step makes it ideal for areas where minimal space is important. With a folded measurement of 1 inch, it stores easily out of the way until needed. A usable step area of 2 inches by 4 inches gives room for one foot per step. We also stock the polished stainless steel version of this step if you prefer the refined look of the shiny stainless, BPB2797SS. Another option with more usable step area is the BPFS2797CH, with a step area measuring 6¾ inches by 6¼ inches.


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