grade 70 chain clevis, 5/16″


This 5/16″ clevis chain grab hook is forged from grade 70 steel. It is a standard clevis hook and fits all 5/16″ chain. Trust your binder chains to hold any load with these strong clevis chain grab hooks. Never worry again.

***These hooks are NOT meant for lifting, though. Lifting chains and clevis grab hooks must be grade 80 steel.***

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grade 70 chain clevis, 5/16 inch

This grade 70 chain clevis, 5/16 inch can replace the hooks on any grade 70 binder chain. The 5/16″ clevis hook is made from forged steel. The pin and cotter pin to link it to the end of your chain come with it as well. We stock a 3/8″ chain clevis as well, HW38CG70. if your job requires a larger clevis hook than 5/16″. If you need a slip clevis rather than a grab clevis, contact a professional at Zimm-o-matic to order. You can purchase binder chains from our website also. We stock both 5/16″ and 3/8″ chains in 16ft, 20ft, and 25ft.

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