nylon air tubing, 1/4 inch


This 1/4 inch nylon air tubing is DOT approved for your airline replacements. Typically your Peter Paul valves use 1/4 inch airline unless you have modified the airline by using other fittings to make it a larger size. We sell the 1/4 inch nylon air tubing in quantities of 100 foot rolls. Your order quantity will be the number of rolls you wish to purchase rather than the footage.

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nylon air tubing, 1/4 inch

This DOT approved nylon air tubing, 1/4 inch, is a great addition to your on-the-road repair kit. We sell it in 100-foot rolls which are handy to pack in the bunk of your truck or in a toolbox. Let us help you keep your rig on the road and running smoothly. Be able to repair any small air leak on the road as well as in your shop. We sell push-pull air fittings for 1/4 inch airline, and all other standard air lines too. With a stock of full tube unions and air line, you will not have to worry about what air line leaks you may need to repair.


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