Pin/Ring Assembly


The pin/ring assembly includes two pins and rings to attach your easy off tarp stop upright to the easy off tarp stop body, SL1100833, mounted on your trailer or box. All you need to do is slide the pin through the tarp stop body, through the tarp stop upright, and out the holes in the other side of the tarp stop body. Clip the rings into the holes in the ends of the pins to secure them in place.

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Pin/ring assembly

The pin/ring assembly is a small kit containing two pins and two rings. The pins slide through the holes of the tarp stop body, SL1100833, through the tarp stop upright itself, and out the other side of the body. Select this link to see our inventory of Shur-lok tarp stops, Shur-lok tarp stops. Here, the rings clip onto the ends of the pins to hold them securely in place. This ingenious design allows for a secure tarp stop while in use, and makes removal of stops a breeze. Never worry about changing a stop or even removing the complete tarp with this quick assembly/disassembly. Let the efficiency of a Shur-lok impress you every time.

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