pintle hook mount, 1 position


The single position pintle hook mount has a solid 2 inch steel shank measuring 9 inches in length. Heavy-duty welds hold it together to ensure that your mount does not break even under the heaviest of loads. A weld both front and back on the mounting plate gives additional strength to the area under high stress. Be safe on the road, use a guaranteed pintle hook mount from Zimm-o-matic.

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pintle hook mount, 1 position

With a solid steel 2 inch shank and heavy welds, this pintle hook mount, 1 position, for your 4-hole pintle hitch will stand the test of nearly anything you can pull with it. Its manufacturer’s rating guarantees it for up to 4,000lbs MVL and 20,000lbs MGTW. You can feel secure with your load hanging on this pintle mount. We are comfortable with these pintle hook mounts and you can be too. This mount easily slides in and out of any 2 inch receiver so you can quickly convert a normal receiver to a pintle hitch. Use a 5/8″ receiver hitch pin to secure your pintle hook mount so you can simply pull the pin and remove the mount. Make your life easier with this handy tool.

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