When installing mudflap kits on your truck or trailer, purchase your polished stainless steel flap weights at Zimm-o-matic. We sell the flap weights as a pair, with mounting hardware included. The 3 bolt mounting pattern follows the shape of the weight itself, adding to the look. Combine a head-turning “extra” with a functional flap weight to make the perfect purchase for your mudflap kits. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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The polished stainless steel mudflap weight is the perfect touch to finish out the flaps on your truck or trailer. The total package you buy includes a pair of weights with stainless fasteners for each, ready for install. The stainless steel flap weight measures 24 inches across and 4 inches tall. At Zimm-o-matic, we use the stainless flap weight on the outside of the flap and a steel mudflap backer plate, ZFSBP24, on the inside to keep the flap from blowing back while you are on the road. The steel backer comes with a ring on the inside to hook up your flap while backing around.


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