Front stretch cord roll return kit


The front roll return stretch cord kit includes 2 60″ pipes, a replacement stretch cord, a hardware kit with the nylon end plug, rubber protector, and an eyebolt with a nut and washer. The pvc pipe slides together and is pushed into the roll tube. The nylon end plug caps the end of the pvc and a self-drilling screw, #SL1700398 holds the entire system in the roll tube. The eyebolt is fastened through the latchplate and holds one end of the stretch cord. The rubber protector slides over the cord to protect it from the raw edge of the trailer (or box) top rail.

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Front roll return stretch cord kit

The front roll return stretch cord kit assists the tarp across your trailer when you are rolling it closed. The kit consists of 2 60″ pipes, a stretch cord, a hardware kit with a rubber protector, nylon end plug, and an eyebolt with a nut and washer. We sell all these components separately and you can purchase them on our website. If you wish to order only the replacement pvc pipe, give us a call at 717-445-6432. You can find the remaining parts at these links: stretch cord with protector, #SL1114360, end plug, #SL1100138, and eyebolt, #SL1700717. We also sell the rubber protective stretch cord cover individually, #SL1107680. The roll return kit includes a set of directions as well which shows how to install the kit.

This is the economical roll return kit. It can be used on the front in rear crank setups or in the rear for front crank setups.

we also have a return kit that assists on the crank end. this is part # 1111121. please call to inquire 717-445-6432

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