roll tarp Splined U-Joint


The heavy-duty splined roll tarp universal joint fits between the crank and roll tube for side to side Shur-lok roll tarps. It transfers your cranking action to the roll tube which rolls the tarp across the trailer.

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heavy-duty splined roll tarp universal joint

This important component, the heavy-duty splined roll tarp universal joint, is essentially what does the bulk of the work and takes the worst beating in the Shur-lok roll tarp system. Basically, it transfers the power from the crank to the roll tube. Because of this constant wear, you need to replace your u-joint periodically as it becomes loose and floppy over time.

Cranking a 30 or 40 foot tarp is a strain. You can install the front roll return stretch cord kit. Which is a bungee system that pulls your tarp across the front hood of your trailer. This aids in keeping the front end of the tarp aligned with the back as you crank. Click this link if you would like to view the details of the roll return stretch cord kit, #SL1114359. This bungee system is stretched tight when your tarp is rolled open so that when you are rolling it shut, the bungee will ease the strain.

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