ZOM stainless steel telescoping crank, 84″


Our 84 inch stainless steel telescoping crank makes rolling the tarp on any high-sided trailer a breeze. Keep a clean, smooth look while rolling on the highway, but also have the expertise to operate your tarp system like a pro with this crank. A latch holds the handle out when it is extended to avoid finger pinching and other unfortunate circumstances, and the stainless round handle fits your hand comfortably without biting or chafing.

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ZOM stainless steel telescoping crank, 84 inch

Our ZOM stainless steel telescoping crank, 84 inch, is the crank to have for your walking floor or other high-sided trailer. With a top tube length of 84 inches, this crank extends much further than that to ease the strain of rolling your tarp. These cranks have the durability to last the lifetime of the trailer. View our other stainless steel telescoping cranks: 48 inch, ZFSC48, 60 inch, ZFSC60, and 72 inch, ZFSC72.

We offer mounting kits to fit these cranks. the weld on option is the most common and consists of 2 weld on tubes and 2 weld on angles and 2 safety R pins. The bolt on option is similar, but the tubes and angles have flanges for bolting.

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