zom stainless steel telescoping crank, 48″


When purchasing a crank kit for your Shur-lok tarp system, make the right decision and purchase a ZOM stainless steel telescoping crank. Its lifetime compared to a conventional Shur-lok flex-crank outlasts the standard crank by more than 10 times as long. This long-term investment will definitely be worth the cost to avoid the finger-pinching frustrations of a normal crank. Also, a normal crank is expected to last a year, while in the last 15 years we have been mass-producing our cranks, general wear damages and breaks are minimal. Most replacements are due to backing into or being hit by something which bends the tube. Remember the aluminum weld-on mounting kit for our stainless crank, ZFSCMK. We sell a bolt-on mounting kit as well.

For an order quantity of more than one of this product, call a customer service technician at Zimm-o-matic for a special deal on shipping!

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zom stainless steel telescoping crank, 48 inch

The ZOM stainless steel telescoping crank, 48 inch, is a custom-fabricated tarp component that has its roots right in the rich history our company. Over the years, it has morphed from a crude idea into a sophisticated crank that rates with the best. Although its up-front price seems high, this crank will last indefinitely, thanks to its durable construction and stainless steel components. A steel plug, the non-stainless part of our crank, fits into the u-joint of your Shur-lok tarp system. The conversion from a conventional crank to a ZOM crank involves welding the aluminum mounting brackets to the trailer and bolting the stainless crank into the u-joint. Our 60 inch, ZFSC60, and 72 inch, ZFSC72, stainless cranks might also interest you.

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