ZOM aluminum weld on crank mount kit


When buying a stainless steel telescoping crank, do not forget to order the crank mount kit. The weld-on kit is easy to mount and keeps the tarp tight. The kit also gives the trailer a clean look even when the crank is not secured in place.

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ZOM aluminum weld crank mount kit

The ZOM aluminum weld on crank mount kit attaches to the aluminum side of your trailer to hold our ZOM stainless steel telescoping tarp crank in place. The mounting kit comes with 2 sets of angles, pipes and R-pins. A set of 1 angle, pipe, and R-pin attach on each side. When the tarp is open, the one side holds the crank in place keeping the tarp tight and out of the way during the loading process. The other side is more critical because it keeps the tarp shut tightly under the latchplate when you roll it closed. A hole drilled in the end of the tarp crank accommodates the R-pin, keeping everything locked firmly in place. Our crank mount kit has adapted to time too, just as our cranks have, over the past 15 years. We are confident that our mounting kits will pass the test.

If you do not have access to an aluminum welder, we also sell bolt-on mounting kits, ZFSCMKB.

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