grade 70 chain clevis, 3/8″


The 3/8″ clevis chain grab hook is forged from grade 70 steel. The hook is a standard 3/8″ and fits any chain of that size. Tighten down the most daunting load with confidence in your chains and binders. Remember, your chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Upgrade your chain clevis hooks today.

***These hooks are NOT meant for lifting, though. Lifting chains and clevis grab hooks must be grade 80 steel.***

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grade 70 chain clevis, 3/8 inch

The grade 70 chain clevis, 3/8 inch is obviously one of the most important components of a flat bedder’s chain, whether he realizes it or not. Day after day, the clevis hook takes the beating as it holds the main force of the load in one small area rather than spreading it around as the chain does. You can certainly count on this hook to do the job while transporting even the heaviest loads. When you purchase the hook, you also receive the pin and cotter pin to secure it to the chain. We stock the 5/16″ clevis hook too, TS54268.

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