light, ¾ inch amber LED


The ¾ inch amber LED light is a small light that all but disappears when turned off, but while on, sheds a bright light around it. These lights come with a wiring harness already on the light and a hard weather-resistant glue seals the back of the light, This keeps the contacts of your light from corroding. Simply link the 2 wires into your existing wiring with 2 butt connectors, and you are set to go. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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light, ¾ inch amber LED

This light, ¾ inch amber LED, which contains 3 small LEDs inside its hard plastic lens, is low-profile light but delivers on brightness too. We also stock the ¾ inch red LED light, BP5627513. They are subject to less of a risk of being smashed or scraped because they sit so close to the rail of your trailer or the stainless steel cab trim of your truck. These lights look complementary on the rear end of a trailer which has 4 inch lights already. The ¾ inch lights break up the monotony of the large lights. You can also place them in the cab trim of your truck or in a stainless lightbox. Because of the low-profile of these lights, they look quite nice wherever you mount them.

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