light, 2 inch red LED


The 2 inch red lens light requires a 2 inch rubber grommet, TLGR30700, or a stainless steel security flange, HWM50303. You will also need a 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2, for this 9 LED light.

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light, 2 inch red

The light, 2 inch red, holding 9 LEDs, shines brightly among the many lights you can choose. It is a partner to the amber 2 inch light, UP38170. You can use the 2 inch light for corner markers or lights on the rear of your trailer or in the stainless steel cab trim or lightbox of your truck. You can purchase clear lens 2 inch lights from our retail store, too: amber clear lens, UP38362, and red clear lens, UP38363. We stock 2 inch rubber grommets, TLGR30700, or stainless steel security flanges, which rivet into your trailer sidewall, lightbox, etc. We also stock plastic chrome grommet covers to screw on top of rubber grommets.

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