lightbar, 9 led red, stainless steel


Be seen with this inexpensive stainless steel lightbar. Three lights ensure that you are easily visible, even in the worst weather. Combine this bar with your existing brake/clearance lights on your triaxle, small trailer, boat trailer, or farm equipment to add a bit more light to the rear of your vehicle. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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lightbar, 9 led red, stainless steel

Need a few more lights on the back of your truck or small tag-along trailer? You are looking at the right place because we have just what you need! It is the lightbar, 9 LED red, stainless steel. No need to drill holes or cut wires or any of that other time consuming electrical work you do not feel like doing. Simply, purchase this stainless steel lightbar which comes with 3 LED lights and the necessary pre-assembled wiring and splice it into your existing light wiring. You can also purchase a plastic lightbar, almost exactly like the stainless but several dollars fewer per piece, BP5621719.

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