lightbar, 9 led red, plastic


This lightbar is a great way to add higher visibility to your road equipment. Whether farm tractor, road-legal trailers, or trucks, this lightbar tells others on the road where you are at. Be safe, be seen. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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lightbar, 9 led red, plastic

This lightbar, 9 LED red, plastic, comes with 3 LED lamps and the necessary wiring to splice it into existing lights. It is a great way to add visibility to any moving vehicle without much effort. From tri-axle dump trucks to small tag-along trailers, this lightbar increases the visibility of your assets. Due to its surface mount design, all you need to do is screw the bar to the mounting surface and wire it to suit your needs. Check out our stainless steel lightbar too, BP5621720. With the same style 9 LED lights, the main difference between these two bars is the material.

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