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When wiring up 2 or 2½ inch clearance or marker lights, you will need the 2 prong pigtail. This pigtail makes wiring lights a breeze. You can also buy the rubber grommet you need and the lights on our website under lights and wiring in the “truck hardware” category.

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pigtail, 2 prong, 2 wire, 94902

The pigtail, 2 prong, 2 wire, 94902 fits any standard clearance or marker light. Most 2 and 2½ inch clearance or marker lights require a 2 prong pigtail unless they use a flat LED plug. We sell the LED flat pigtail as well, TL94862. The 2 prong pigtail forms a tight seal around the contacts, avoiding corrosion and problems in the future. The black wire on this pigtail gets wired hot, and the white wire should be wired ground. With the 6½ inch tails on the 2 prong pigtail, you have plenty of room to splice it into the existing wiring of your truck or trailer, too. We stock the 2 prong pigtail for turn signal and brake lights as well, TLPT21. These provide power for only one function. You can operate brakes or turn signals with these, but not clearance and brake or turn signal and clearance.

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