pigtail, 2 prong, 2 wire, 94992


Do not forget this important component when buying light kits. This pigtail allows only one of the three typical functions of the stop/tail/turn lamp to work. You can choose between them and make it the one you want. This pigtail is great when wiring lights for clearance only, such as when adding lights in the fenders of your trailer or mounting them in a filler panel to cover your suspension.

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pigtail, 2 prong, 2 wire, 94992

The pigtail, 2 prong, 2 wire, 94992 fits into the port of any stop/tail/turn lamp, making it perform only one of three functions. You can wire it simply turn signal, clearance, or stop. If you want your lights to be wired stop/tail/turn, you will need the 3 prong pigtail, TLPT3. With a 10 inch tail, this pigtail is easy to use when splicing into existing wiring or when formulating a new one. You can purchase stop/tail/turn lamps on our website as well. We stock 4 inch round lights in red and amber. We also stock 2 x 6 ovals in amber and red.


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