pigtail, 2 wire flat LED plug


When wiring lights with a flat LED plug receptacle, buy your pigtails from our online store. Do not forget this critical part of your light kits.

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pigtail, 2 wire flat LED plug

The pigtail, 2 wire flat LED plug, although not used as often as the standard 2 prong pigtail, TLPT2, is needed for some of the LED lamps you can buy. Most combo LED lamps and some strobes utilize the 2 prong LED plug too. The rubber of the plug protects the contacts of your light from corrosion and power loss. A pair of small pins in the back of the light fit snugly into the contacts on the pigtail. The black wire, which is hot, comes with a bullet plug on its end; the white ground wire has a ring terminal crimped on the end, making both easy to splice into your current circuits or make new ones.

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