pigtail, 3 prong s/t/t adapter


The 3 prong to stop/tail/turn light adapter is the answer to your wiring dilemma if you are looking for a way to avoid rewiring all your hookups to the flat stop/tail/turn style. Without cutting and rewiring all the original harness for your lights, you can change to a different style light. You can also quickly return to your original lighting if you prefer those over the ones you might be trying for a time.

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pigtail, 3 prong, s/t/t adapter

The pigtail, 3 prong, s/t/t adapter allows you to use the standard 3 prong pigtail that might already be wired into your wiring harness and adapt it to the stop/tail/turn plug of other lights. This makes for an easy “plug-n-play” switchover to any other set of lights you may choose. With the availability of these adapter plugs, the changeover does not have to be permanent. You can simply give another style light a try and if you want to go back to the original, just pull the adapters out. This easy-to-use style is great for giving a different style light a trial without going all-out. You can purchase the 3 prong pigtail, TLPT3, at our website, too.

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