pigtail, 3 prong, 3 wire


The 3 prong pigtail is compatible with all lights requiring 3 wires to include all the available functions. It provides the option of wiring your lights for clearance, turn signal, or both. When wiring your lights for clearance only, you can choose whether you want them brighter or just normal brightness. The turn signal wire will make your lights brighter. The red wire is turn signal, black is clearance, and white is ground.

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pigtail, 3 prong, 3 wire, 94993

The pigtail, 3 prong, 3 wire, 94993, fits into all turn signal/clearance lights with standard pigtail ports. Three wires allow you to choose which function you prefer your light to work under. You can choose turn signal, clearance, or just 1 of these 2 options. Ten inch tails on this plug make splicing into your existing wiring much easier by giving you an ample length to work with, too. These pigtails come with a bit of dielectric grease and your lights will have some in every hole, thus avoiding corrosion on your contacts. All in all, this pigtail is a smart buy. Do not forget the grommet for your light kit, 4 inch round, TLGR1700400, or 2 x 6 oval, TLGR60700. You can also order lights from our online selection; and we will do our best to special order lights to fit your needs if you contact us at 717-445-6432.

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