grommet, 4 inch rubber


The 4 inch rubber grommet is a very important part of a light kit. Not only does it hold the light firmly in place, but it also keeps water and dirt out of the sidewall of your trailer or truck. Don’t forget your grommets when buying light kits.

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grommet, 4 inch rubber

This 4 inch rubber grommet fits most standard 4 inch lights. It is a soft, flexible material, allowing you to easily pop a grommet into the light holes you cut in your truck or trailer. Once in, however, they form a tight seat so your lights fit firmly. For a 4 inch grommet, you need to drill a 4½” hole in the where you are planning to mount the light. The rubber 4 inch grommet fits the red, TL4050, and the amber, TL4050A. You can buy plastic chrome grommet covers, UP10484, to cover the rubber grommets at our website as well.

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