light, 4 inch red LED


This 24 LED red light will light up your rig with the most stunning effects. You can use it for stop/tail/turn purposes as well as clearance or underglow. See and be seen with the TL4050.


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light, 4 inch red

Here is the way to stick out while out on the road. Make your rig shine at night with this 24 LED light, 4 inch red stop/tail/turn light. Whether on the back of your trailer or wired into the lightbox or mudflap brackets of your truck, the TL4050 is the perfect lamp. You can also wire it above the fenders of your trailer to give a red splash of underglow on the road around your tires. You can purchase the amber partner to the TL4050, TL4050A, on our website, too. We sell rubber grommets, TLGR40700, plastic chrome lockrings, UP10500, and plastic chrome grommet covers, UP10484, to fit these lights too. You will also need the 3 wire pigtail required to tie this light into your current wiring, TLPT3.


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