light, 4 inch amber LED


Stand out from the other rigs out on the road with this 4 inch amber light. Its 24 LEDs make it impossible for any other rig to hold a candle to yours, so to speak. Try this amber light today and proudly “let your light shine.”

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light, 4 inch amber

This light, 4 inch amber will certainly make you shine out on the road. See and be seen with this 24 LED Trucklite light. Its super-bright LEDs will light up the underside of your trailer or truck very nicely, too. You can purchase its red counterpart, TL4050, on our website. We stock 4 inch rubber grommets, TLGR40700, plastic chrome grommet covers, UP10484, plastic chrome lockrings, UP10500, all of which are compatible with the TL4050A. You will need the 3 prong pigtail, TLPT3, to splice the TL4050A amber light into the existing wiring harness of your project.

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