light, 4 inch stop/tail/turn, incandescent


This stop tail turn light will prove itself in durability and service. For a farm/work trailer, these lights are a practical way to light up your trailer. These lights require a 3-prong pigtail, TLPT3, and a 4 inch rubber grommet, TLGR40700, or a chrome plastic lockring.

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stop tail turn lamp, 4 inch

This stop tail turn lamp, 4 inch, is an inexpensive way to replace lights in your small pull-behind trailer. You can use them for a truck, but we recommend using a higher quality light for a truck or a trailer. The 4 inch lamp shines proficiently but its cheap construction will not add a refined look to your truck or trailer. However, you will find that this light makes up for its looks in its performance. If you prefer a nice-looking lamp, we recommend the TL4050, a 24 LED specifically made for service but also with looks to become a truck or trailer.

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