2 inch chrome bezel


This 2″ plastic chrome-covered bezel fits any 2″ light, red or yellow, and secures with 2 small screws that come along with the bezel.

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2 inch chrome bezel

The plastic 2 inch chrome bezel fits snugly over your 2″ rubber mounting grommet and adds shiny touch to any lights, whether on your truck or trailer. The bezel mounts in place with 2 small screws that come with it. These install easily with a small screw driver. We also carry the stainless steel theft-proof bezel which fastens by means of three stainless steel rivets. Check out this safety flange, HWM50303. Although a bit more expensive, they will not rust and keep your lights from being easily swiped while in the middle of a city or at a rest stop.

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