grommet, 2 x 6 inch oval rubber


The 2 x 6 oval rubber grommet fits the 2 x 6 oval light. Remember this important component when ordering light kits on our website.

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grommet, 2 x 6 inch oval rubber

The grommet, 2 x 6 inch oval rubber is a critical part of your oval light kits. Obviously, without the oval grommet, a light is rather useless, because there is nothing to hold your light in place. When making holes for 2 x 6 inch oval lights, you must cut them 2-5/8 x 6-3/4 inches to accommodate the grommets and lights. You can buy 2 x 6 inch oval lights in both red and amber lenses to fit these rubber grommets at our retail location. You can order clear lens 2 x 6 oval lights by calling our store or emailing us and placing a special order.

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