3/4″ stainless steel bezel, Maxxima


Use this stainless steel bezel for the 3/4″ Maxxima button lights. These bezels cover the rubber grommet which is used to mount the Maxxima lights, adding a clean, classy look to your ride. Whether using them on a truck, trailer, pickup or motorcycle, these lights are just what you need to be safe while out on the road as well as show off your ride. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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3/4 stainless steel bezel, maxxima

This 3/4 stainless steel bezel, maxxima covers the rubber grommets used to mount the amber, M09300YCL, and red, M09300RCL, Maxxima 3/4″ lights. Adding the perfect touch of shine to these otherwise clear lights, these flanges blend seamlessly into your rig. Whether mounted on a painted surface or a stainless surface, such as stainless cab trim, these bezels fit perfectly. Accenting the paint, or blending with the polish, you can be sure they will make your truck eligible for the show truck category too. Add an impressive flare to your truck with these amazing stainless steel bezels.

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