12-10 gauge yellow heat shrink/crimp butt connector


This heat shrink/crimp connector will keep your wiring connections sound and problem-free. Don’t stop at anything short of quality and buy the yellow heat shrink connectors.

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12-10 gauge yellow heat shrink/crimp butt connector

This 12-10 gauge yellow heat shrink/crimp butt connector and crimp butt connector is the only way to ensure that your wire connections will stay watertight. First, crimp the center steel section to hold your wires firmly in place. This establishes a strong electrical current. The protective outer plastic is thick and melts when heated. A thick wax closes the end of the connector when heated. All these things make the 12-10 gauge yellow connector the ideal connector to use when making critical electrical splices. Never worry about your connections when using the yellow heat shrink/crimp connectors. For smaller heat shrink connections, such as 16-14 gauge wires, use the, WT31980, a smaller heat shrink/crimp connector. Look at our smaller heat shrink/crimp connectors, WT30980, for 22-18 gauge.


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