light, 2 inch clear lens, amber LED


This 2 inch 9 LED amber light has a clear lens, making it seemingly disappear when not on. This light does not give your truck or trailer a cluttered look when it is off because you do not notice them. To complete this light kit, you will need a 2 inch rubber grommet, TLGR30700, and a 2-prong pigtail, TLPT2. We sell the red clear lens, UP38363, as well as the red colored lens, UP38171, and the amber colored lens, UP38170.

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light, 2 inch clear lens led, amber

Here is an amazing light; the light, 2 inch clear lens led, amber that will disappear when turned off. This 2 inch clear lens amber light boasts 9 LEDs under its small plastic lens. It will certainly light up your trailer or truck. When not on, a row of these lights along your trailer is hardly noticeable, giving it a sleek, clean look.


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