light, ¾ inch red LED


The red ¾ inch LED light is the perfect marker/clearance light for a small pull-behind trailer, or the stainless steel cab trim panels on your truck, or the rear end of your trailer, or the side rail of your flatbed. In short, the ¾ inch penny light is the perfect light for all your needs. Buy the light and receive a rubber grommet and a hardwired pigtail, already in the light. Make a brilliant decision, buy a bright light. This item is prepackaged for retail.

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light, ¾ inch red LED

This light, ¾ inch red LED, protected by a hard red plastic shell, measures ¾ inch wide across its face. The red ¾ inch light and its amber counterpart, BP5627524, are both already wired when you buy them. A drop of weather-resistant glue seals the back of the light all around the set of wires. This design avoids the possibility of light contacts rotting out. Simply grab 2 butt connectors and seal the 2 wires into the existing wiring harness of your truck and trailer and you are ready to roll. A rubber grommet comes with the light; order the light and receive everything you need to install it (except the mechanic)!

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