Self-Threading bolt, 5/16″ x 1″


This self-drilling bolt is used to secure rope anchors for a fabric end cap or some other bungee cord. The 5/16 x 1 bolt works in steel and aluminum and needs a 17/64″ hole to start. For a special price break on quantities of 500 or more, call Zimm-o-matic at 717-445-6432 and talk to one of our professional sales reps.


Self-threading bolt, 5/16inch x 1inch

This self-threading bolt, 5/16inch x 1inch is commonly used to fasten the shurco rope anchor, #SL1701355. This bolt can be bought in bulk quantities. You can use it for other odd jobs as it is a standard 5/16 bolt; however, it has the upper hand over standard bolts when dealing with aluminum. Its self-threading ability allows you to simply drill a 17/64″ hole and run the bolt into the material. This eliminates the need for a nut on the inside. For this reason, the 5/16 x 1 self-threading bolt is obviously useful for bolting into a tube or any other surface where you cannot or do not wish to have a nut and bolt end exposed.

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