stainless steel quick connect coupler, 1/2″, female socket end, male thread


This standard airline hookup coupler, fully stainless steel, is what you will find on many airline hookups in the trucking arena. This coupler is equipped with male thread, which fits into the bulkhead fittings on your airbox, and its partner, MCSHC57, threads onto the trailer airlines. Not only do the quick connect hookups cut down on the bulky look of airlines, but they also make dual airline hookups much easier to deal with rather than using manual shutoff glad hands. You will also be convinced that they are the way to go by the ease with which you can connect/disconnect your airlines. Why not try quality stainless steel quick connect airline hookups for yourself?

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stainless steel quick coupler, 1/2 inch, female socket, male thread

This stainless steel quick coupler. 1/2 inch, female socket, male thread, is a partner in particular to the stainless male plug end with female thread, MCSHC57. This set makes a pair that is the standard quick connect coupler setup while the others will work as well. They are fully stainless, resisting rust and corrosion. You can use a set of the opposite threads, MCSHC31, and, MCSHC86, to differentiate between your service and emergency hookups. This will put one socket and one plug on your air box while at the same time one socket and one plug on your trailer airlines. At the same time this will prevent you from switching your lines.

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