stainless steel quick connect coupler, 1/2″, male plug end, male thread


The quick connect coupler male plug end with male thread, although not very often seen, is a great way to differentiate your airlines. Simply mount it and its partner on one airline and the quick connect coupler male plug end with female thread and its partner on the other. This obviously puts one socket and one plug on your airbox and your trailer airlines, making it easy to see which goes where.

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stainless steel quick connect, 1/2 inch, male plug, male thread

This stainless steel quick connect, 1/2 inch, male plug, male thread end is completely made from stainless. It is a partner to MCSHC86, the stainless steel quick connect coupler female socket, with female thread. You would use this style quick connect to differentiate one airline set from the other. Although seemingly rather uncommon right now, some truckers once mounted this set on one airline and the other set, MCSHC83 and MCSHC57,on the other airline to avoid accidentally plugging a trailer airline into the wrong port. Usually you use the male coupler plug with female thread, MCSHC31,and the female coupler socket with male thread, MCSHC86.

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