glad hand with manual shutoff, emergency


Glad hands with a manual shutoff allow you to have dual airline hookups on your trailer. You can also use these on your pressure gauge airline to shut it off when not being used or being pulled by another driver.

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glad hand, shutoff control, emergency

The glad hand, shutoff control, emergency with a manual shutoff control is a partner to the manual shutoff service glad hand, CP9211. These glad hands are designed for use on a trailer with dual airline hookups. You can easily shut off the unused glad hands with the shutoff knob. You can have dual hookups underneath the trailer and also on the front where factory hookups are normally installed. Having dual hookups makes California-style hookups an option because the factory hookups allow anyone to pull your trailer but you a clean look when you are running your own truck.

You might want to research stainless steel quick connect couplers as an option for your dual airline hookups. Check out our online selection of stainless steel quick connect couplers.


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