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This emergency glad hand and its partner, CPGHS, are the perfect combo for your truck or trailer. Both are heavy-duty, made to benefit someone just like you, who needs a durable product that is also extremely functional. They are an item you should carry in your truck just as spares because obviously, if you do not have glad hands, you will not be going very far. With the size of these glad hands, you can easily stow them in your sleeper without taking up unnecessary space. The emergency glad hand does not come with any mounting fittings.

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glad hand, emergency, red

This glad hand, emergency, red is a partner to the service glad hand, CPGHS. Both standard glad hands are constructed from forged aluminum. Its replaceable rubber tab extends the life of this rugged glad hand even more. Threaded to fit 1/2″ national pipe thread, the emergency glad hand will thread right onto the ends of your airline fittings. Its bright red paint makes differentiating between your emergency and service glad hands quite simple. You can purchase the emergency glad hand with a manual shutoff knob, CP9212, if you run a trailer with dual airline hookups.  Consider changing your airline hookups to our stainless steel quick connects for easy disconnecting and a distinguished look.


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