glad hand with shutoff control, service


Here is a simple solution of installing dual airline hookups on your trailer. With these manual shutoff gladhands, you can simply turn the knob to cut air leakage through the set you are not using, whether it be underneath or on the front where your hookups are typically mounted from factory. If you are contemplating dual hookups, you may be interested in checking out our inventory of stainless steel quick connect couplers. These hookups eliminate the need for shutoff valves because they work the like the end of an air hose.

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glad hand, shutoff control, service

The glad hand, shutoff control, service is an ingenius idea, allowing you to use a double set of airlines on a trailer. You can mount these manual shutoff gladhands on each of your airlines and simply shut off the unused pair. When you purchase the service gladhand with a manual shutoff, you receive a bulkhead fitting as part of the kit. We sell the emergency glad hand with a manual shutoff as well, CP9212. Install California-style hookups on your trailer with these replacement glad hands. These glad hands come with a brass bulkhead to secure it through the mounting plate. You can purchase the standard service and emergency glad hands too, service, CPGHS, and emergency, CPGHE.


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