This mini plastic regulator come with 1/4″ national pipe thread ports. We have the capability to preset them to 100psi, the standard pressure, and the locking cap avoids accidental movement of the pressure control. Don’t forget this small but important component when wiring up Peter Paul valves.

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1/4 inch mini regulator, plastic

You will find this 1/4 inch mini regulator, plastic installed on any Zimm-o-matic system, using Peter Paul valves. We preset our plastic regulators to 100psi. We can also preset them before shipment to you as well. The regulator protects your Peter Paul valve #73, HW73PP9ZGM, from leaking due to direct tank pressure. If you do not use this, or some other type of approved regulator, or your #73 Peter Paul valve will leak almost immediately after installation.  The plastic regulator has 1/4″ threaded ports, requiring 1/4″ pipe fittings. You can order these by phone if you call our retail personnel at 717-445-6432, or send us an e-mail at info@zimmomatic.com.


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