peter paul valve, #73


The #73 Peter Paul valve is used to activate the inflation of your balloon bags when installed with a lift kit. It is powered by 12V direct current. It defaults in the normally closed position. The three ports, threaded with 1/4″ NPT, are exhaust, in, and out. When wiring a Peter Paul valve, you will also need a pressure regulator to isolate it from direct tank pressure. You can use the 1/4″ mini plastic regulator, HWR262, preset to 100psi to accommodate the Peter Paul valve. You will also need the aluminum mounting angle, ZFPPM, to mount your Peter Paul valve and the fine-thread screws, ZLSMS10F005, to fasten it to the mount.

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peter paul valve, #73

The Peter Paul valve, #73 electric over air solenoid defaults normally closed. This simply means that when no electricity is charging the valve, it closes. It defaults in the closed position; however, the #74 solenoid defaults in the normally open position. For more info on the #74 valve, select the above link. You can use the #73 valve in tandem with the #74, HW74PP9ZGM, when wiring a lift kit, to activate the up/down position of the airbags by dumping/filling them. Both the #73 and #74 use only two wires, one ground and one hot.  As long as both wires are hooked up, the way they are wired does NOT matter.

When using the #73 valve, you must also use a pressure regulator to control the airflow through it. If you do not use a regulator, the valve will soon leak because of the direct pressure it functions under. For the Peter Paul valve, your pressure regulator must be preset to 100psi or lower.

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