mounting angle, peter paul valve


The aluminum mounting angle for Peter Paul valves is as easy as it gets. Both sides have matching hole patterns which also match the base of the valves. These lightweight angles are simple to mount and make removing the Peter Paul valve, or the entire bracket, very straightforward. Add this mounting bracket to your order of Peter Paul valves today.

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aluminum mounting angle, peter paul valve

Here is the efficient answer to mounting valves; the aluminum mounting angle, peter paul valve makes it a breeze. Don’t worry yourself about finding a makeshift mounting bracket for your Peter Paul valves, #73, HW73PP9ZGM, and #74, HW74PP9ZGM. This predrilled aluminum mounting angle matches the holes in the base of the Peter Paul valves. Simply bolt the bracket to a crossmember or other stable area underneath your truck/trailer and tighten the stainless steel fine-thread mounting screws, ZLSMS10F005, into the base of the valve. Wire up the valve, and you are ready to ride. Make mounting and replacing your own valve a breeze with these do-it-yourself aids.

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