stainless steel mounting screw, peter paul valve


If you are mounting Peter Paul valves, you will definitely need the 10-32″ x 1/2″ stainless steel hex washer head fine thread mounting bolt used to mount the Peter Paul valves. These stainless screws thread into the stainless body of the valve, securing it to the aluminum Peter Paul valve mounting angles. You can purchase these screws in any quantity, just change the amount and click “add to cart.”

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stainless steel mounting screw, peter paul valve

This 10-32″ x 1/2″ fine thread stainless steel mounting screw, peter paul valve, fastens the Peter Paul valve securely to its mounting angle. Two thread into the base of the Peter Paul valves, #73, HW73PP9ZGM, and #74, HW74PP9ZGM. You can purchase the aluminum mounting angle on our website as well, ZFPPM. You will need two of these fine thread stainless steel screws for every Peter Paul valve. The hex washer head, with a Phillips slotted head, allows for a strong grip with a wrench or vise grip. Use these stainless mounting screws so you can easily remove them from the body of the valve when replacing it.

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