6″ Offset Easy Off Aluminum Tarp Stop Assembly


The 6 inch aluminum offset easy off tarp stop assembly includes the aluminum upright, steel easy off tarp stop body, and 2 pin/ring assemblies. The forged alum upright possesses fair strength but will shear itself off rather than tearing the mounting body out of your trailer sidewall in the event of impact with a stationary object. To fasten the mounting body, you will need the 3/8″ x 1″ self-tapping bolt, #SL1700400.


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6 inch aluminum offset easy off tarp stop assembly

The 6 inch aluminum offset easy off tarp stop assembly includes a 6″ stop, tarp stop body, and 2 pin/ring assemblies. You can also order all these items separately: offset upright, #SL1705454, steel easy off body, #SL1100833, and pin/ring assemblies #SL1118389. But if you are outfitting a new trailer, you probably wish to purchase the tarp stop kit. Use the 6″ offset kit for tarp systems with a heavy-duty bow system and a ridgepole. Another option is to use it for the rear stop when all the others are standard. This allows you to roll your roll tube further off the edge of the trailer, leading to more efficient tailgate operation.


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