6″ Offset Easy Off Flexible Tarp Stop Upright


6″ offset easy off flexible tarp stop upright.

The 6″ offset easy off flexible tarp stop upright is a replacement for the original 6″ offset easy off flexible tarp stop assembly, #SL1114515. The offset style of this flexible tarp stop allows you to move your tarp all the way off the edge of your trailer to avoid having the tarp hit by the loader or the load. The flexion of the offset stop keeps it from snapping off under minimal pressure; rather, it will simply bend out of the way and pop back into place. The flexible stop does not flex from front-to-back, though. If you are interested in finding a stop that does have such a capability, contact a professional at Zimm-o-matic. We stock a stop called the belt-flex stop which bends front-to-back rather than side-to-side.


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6 inch offset easy off flexible tarp stop upright

This 6 inch offset easy off flexible tarp stop upright replaces any upright made by Shurco. They also replace tarp stops made by Mountain and Aero tarp systems. The offset upright sells independently of any other Shur-lok components, but we also stock the pin/ring assemblies, SL1118389, and the easy off tarp stop body, SL1100833 in case you need to replace these components as well. You may also wish to investigate the 6″ offset easy off aluminum tarp stop upright, SL1705775. The flexion of the offset stop saves your tarp from constant abrasive pressure every time you roll it open.

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